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 Hawane Resort is situated 2 h south of Kruger Park and just 3.5 h from Johannesburg. This Swaziland resort is well-situated for exploring the north-western area of the kingdom and is only 45 min from the attractions of Ezulwini.

Wide open spaces, rolling grassy hills and towering granite "koppies" (small hills) are features of the highveld regions of Swaziland and Hawane Resort has all of this within its panoramic views. The resort promises a multi-dimensional experience which can include adventure and adrenaline, as well as solitude and tranquillity. From a distance, the resort blends into the landscape like so many traditional Swazi villages, but upon entering the perimeter "boma" fence, you are immediately aware that this is a very high-quality and well-maintained venue. The internal gardens are beautifully maintained and the fountains, streams and other water features provide a continual relaxing sound of bubbling water.

As an accommodation base, the resort offers 23 ensuite chalets. The units blend Swiss Alps-style peaked roofs with traditional Swazi grass domes. The inside is natural, earthy and artistic with the bathrooms in particular offering a unique bath and shower combination that resembles a natural rock pool.

There are some family units and a backpacker style self-catering hostel as well.

The resort includes the very popular Taste of Africa restaurant, under the management of acclaimed chef Richard Warangoloo, an active stable facility with a large variety of horses, swimming pool, conference facilities, sauna and a bar/games room.    


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