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Hlane is a the Kingdom's largest protected area and together with its neighbouring parks makes up the vast bushveld expanse known as the Lubombo Conservancy. Here in eastern Swaziland the hot, still rhythm of Africa beats on as it has for thousands of years. However, it is a modern day conservation success story that has seen this area survive competing land-use claims - sugar farming, mining and cattle-ranching. The fact that the roar of the lion, symbol of the Swazi King, now reverberates across the lowveld again - is a fascinating story, which will keep you enthralled. Visit Hlane, see the displays, read the park's history and enjoy the tale of two wise Swazi Kings, who've entrusted this park for the Swazi Nation, their children and their children's children.

A network of self-drive game-viewing roads criss-cross the park's flat terrain, weaving between the 1000 year old hardwood vegetation and shallow pans, which attract great herds of animals during the dry winter months. Hlane, named by King Sobhuza II, extends for 30,000 hectares and is home to lion, elephant, white rhino, leopard, giraffe, hippo, crocodile and a wealth of smaller species. Birdlife is abundant and includes the highest density of nesting white backed vultures in Africa.

Guided walking safaris, mountain biking trails and 4x4 game-viewing are highlights, whilst almost all areas of the park are accessible by ordinary self-drive sedan during the dry season.

Hlane consists of a main restcamp called Ndlovu ("elephant" in siSwati), a series of self-catering cottages at a site called Bhubesi ("lion" in siSwati) and some remote 4x4 campsites.

A hot tip from your local connection: wake up before dawn at Ndlovu Camp, pack a picnic breakfast and drive out to Mahlindza Waterhole (4km). Sip a hot coffee in the bird hide whilst the mist over the waterhole clears, then sit quietly whilst herds of game emerge blinking in the early sunlight. It's so quiet you can hear drinking.

Another hot tip from your local connection: visit the same waterhole at sunset, but use the viewing area to the east of the waterhole. Catch a classic image of a hippo waving its jaws in the air whilst silhouetted against golden ripples of a setting sun.

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Double Cottage - Ndlovu Camp

Cottage - Bhubesi Camp

Wisteria Huts - Ndlovu Camp

Group Cottage - Ndlovu Camp

Family Cottage - Ndlovu Camp