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The Lugogo Sun Hotel is the largest of the three hotels at the Royal Swazi Spa Valley Resort and is especially geared to suit large tour groups and convention groups. It also offers an affordable option for independent travellers keen on accessing the various resort facilities at a lesser rate.

There are a total of 202 spacious guest rooms that offer  comfortable accommodation of international standard.

A hot tip from your local connection: The swimming pool at the Lugogo Sun Hotel is especially popular with both adults and young children as its large "beach-type" design with gradual gradients going from shallow to deep make it ideal for lounging around.  The generally shallow depth throughout also mean that it is a few degrees warmer during most months of the year.

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The Royal Swazi Spa Valley comprises of three separate hotels each varying in style and atmosphere. They are all of premium quality as guaranteed by the Sun International Group of which they are all members.

The Royal Swazi Spa Hotel serves as the regal flagship hotel of the Kingdom of Swaziland, whilst the Carribbean-style Ezulwini Sun is more laid back and has an informal atmosphere.  The Lugogo Sun attracts both tour groups and families to this beautiful and tranquil valley. All three hotels are only minutes apart by courtesy bus, which makes it ideal for a host of events, including large regional and international conventions, banquets and promotional golf championships.

The Lugogo Sun Management team are one of the most highly respected on the Royal Swazi Spa complex, which is reflected in the number of awards that go their way in the annual company recognition ceremony.