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Phophonyane guests enjoy a remarkable level of quiet, personal space and privacy together with professional and friendly service. A restful haven in a unique and serene setting, very conveniently located between the Kruger National Park and KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

Discerning Travellers, seeking those magical little hideaways, come to the end of their treasure hunt at Phophonyane, for Swazi legend relates the romantic tale of a beautiful maiden and her love for a handsome warrior. For her hand he had to present her with the skin of a leopard which he had to hunt for on the rugged Gobolondlo Mountain.

While hunting on the mountain-side he was seized by resident witches who turned him into a white flower, condemning him for his trespassing to bloom and die among the mountain grasses.

When after many days the warrior had still not returned, the lamenting maiden sat on the river's edge where her inexhaustible tears flowed to form the Phophonyane waterfalls. T.V. Bulpin in his book "Lost trails of the Transvaal" as part of his description of the Piggs Peak area writes "As a final masterpiece the Phophonyane (little river of waterfall) went tumbling down nearby from the edge of the heights, in a spectacular rush that is one of the most beautiful cascades in Africa."

Phophonyane is situated high in the mountains with the rugged Gobolondlo and Makhonjwa ranges as a backdrop and those craving a natural environment for soul nourishment get body and soul reunited here.

A hot tip from your local connection, take a walk before breakfast down to the waterfall. You wil get a chance to see some of the 250 species of birds boasted by Phophonyane. One of them will be the elusive Narina Tragon which has made Phophonyane its home.

Rod & Lungile de Vletter have created a magical eden, called Phophonyane Lodge. Phophonyane is renowned for their wonderful and efficient staff as well as for the magnificent creativity, down to the finest detail. The perfect, romantic getaway to relax and unwind.

Caring for Destination

This accommodation provider has taken action to address one or more issues (whether environmental, social or cultural) which will contribute positively to the long term viability of the destination and hence their site displays a Caring for the destination rating.

Main area of focus in Caring for the Destination:

The practise of responsible tourism in its widest sense.


Detailed description of the Caring for the Destination Initiative:

Phophonyane has succeeded in establishing itself as a very successful and sustainable nature reserve. The reserver has succeeded in re-establishing a very rich and lush riverine forest and to protect one of Swaziland's most spectacular waterfalls.

It may not be large in terms of size, but in terms of impact within Swaziland as a whole, and within neighbouring communities in particular, it punches well above its weight.

The reserve is entirely staffed by local indigenous Swazis and preference is given to those in neighbouring communities.

There is significant interaction with local communities on many social and environmental issues.


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