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Quad trail participants are required to check-in 15 minutes prior to trip departure at the Swazi Trails tour desk at the Royal Swazi Sun Hotel.

Hotel or lodge pick-ups within Swaziland are offered in the Ezulwini, Mbabane and Manzini areas at an additional charge add this as a "special request" to your booking.

Booking notes

When booking please list the time of day that you wish to ride under the "Special Requests" section of your Booking Form.  See "Departure Time"  information.

If you wish to book more than 8 persons, please note that a maximum of 5 can be taken at any one time. To add additional persons first book the first group, then when on your "My booking" page add another quad booking for the same day to your existing booking reference number.

The Devil's Cauldron Quad Trail offers 6km of meandering and interconnecting quad track.  Every metre was cut and purpose-built to maximize enjoyment and skill development.  The venue is immediately adjacent to the Royal Swazi Sun hotel complex in a site that was intensively mined for tin some 75 years ago.  The resulting deep dongas (gullies) and scarred landscape has been reclaimed by nature over time and is now fully re-vegetated with grass, riverine forest and reed beds. A large central "canyon" with high red earth walls is what has given rise to the venue label as "The Devil's Cauldron".

There is also the option for beginner riders to start their trail on the open fields of Ezulwini and then to progress into the cauldron trail once sufficiently competant. Overall the trail options are suitable for total beginners as well as experienced ATV (all terrain vehicle) enthusiasts.  Trails are fully guided on 250cc Suzuki "Ozark" quads with one and half hour time-slots available from 08h00 to 17h00 daily.  Special requests can be made for earlier and later departures to fit busy touring, conference or golfing schedules. Similarly, on request, the trails can be reduced to one hour sessions to enable higher participation from conference and incentive groups.

Trips depart for a minimum of 1 person and a maximum of 5.  

The quad bikes can also be booked for a quad-biking team build activity. This carefully controlled and facilitated session allows mass participation and is a great group fun activity. 

Need some visuals of what the tree looks like: take a peek of what to expect on the Swaziland Adventures section of our videos page. 


  • Pickup location: 

    Quad trail participants are required to check-in 15 minutes prior to trip departure at the Swazi Trails tour desk at the Royal Swazi Sun Hotel.

    Hotel or lodge pick-ups within Swaziland are offered in the Ezulwini, Mbabane and Manzini areas at an additional charge add this as a "special request" to your booking.

  • Drop-off location: 

    Quad trail participants are required to check-in 15 minutes prior to trip departure at the Swazi Trails tour desk at the Royal Swazi Sun Hotel.

    Hotel or lodge drop offs within Swaziland are offered in the Ezulwini, Mbabane and Manzini areas at an additional charge.

  • Pickup time: (9.00 AM) | (10.30 AM) | (12.00 PM) | (1.30 PM) | (3.00 PM)
  • Drop-off time: (10.30 AM) | (12.00 PM) | (1.30 PM) | (3.00 PM) | (4.30 PM)


After completing check-in procedures; registration, signing of waiver and reviewing of the quad trail rules, participants are fitted with helmets (sizes S to XL). Disposable sanitary caps provided.  A thorough briefing is given on quad operating skills.  Beginners are given a few minutes to practice riding the quads in the flat parking lot area.

Once everyone is confident to go, the group falls in behind the trail guide.  Standard procedure is to start with an easy loop, which gives participants a chance to get used to the feel of the quad.  As soon as the guide assesses that participants are ready for the next level, they are led onwards through a progression of loops and routes with increasing challenges.  At each new challenge the guide stops, carefully explains the necessary technique, then stands-by closely as each rider passes by.

Only expert quad riders are led onto the really challenging sections of the trail.  Due to the nature of the trail, most riding is done in 2nd and 3rd gear.  This is not a high-speed track. The trail finishes back at its starting point at the Royal Swazi Sun Hotel.


Map of Swaziland showing location of Swazi Trails offices

Cancellation Policy

For Swazi Trails operated services, cancellations made 21 days or more in advance of arrival, will incur an administration fee of no more than 10% of the value of the amount paid. If cancelled within 14-20 days, 25% of the total price is forfeited, if within 7-13 days, 50% of the total price is forfeited, if within 0-6 days, 100% of the total price is forfeited.

Note: With Swazi Trails quad trails the above standard cancellation policy is largely waived. Refunds are happily given to individual travellers whose plans change, even it the last moment.   


Children policy

The Swazi Trails children's policy varies according to the nature of the activity offered.

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to participate in this activity due to the manufacturer's specifications on the 250cc Suzuki Quads that Swazi Trails use.

The adult rate for quad rides applies to all participants.

Participant Guidelines

The Suzuki 250cc Ozark is a semi-automatic quad.  There is no clutch, however participants need to change gear manually using a toe-click pedal.  The quads have an automatic start, front and back handle bar brakes and an additional foot brake.  There are 5 forward gears and 1 backward.  These are powerful, but stable ATV's and are rated as the best available design for commercial trail riding.

Bottled water on ice is carried by the guide, and a refreshment break is taken approximately half-way through the trail. 

No prior experience is necessary to attempt this activity.  Participants are however required to have a reasonable grasp of English so as to understand operational and safety instructions. The manufacturer's specifications indicate that 250cc quads are suitable only for persons 16 years or older.  All participants are required to sign a waiver and indemnity and minors require the signature of a parent or guardian.  Participants must be fully sober and anyone arriving with a drink in hand or suspected of having been drinking will be politely asked to re-schedule for a later slot.

Equipment provided, includes an open-face helmet with visor.  Participants are required to wear closed shoes, not slops, sandals nor high heels!  Sun cream is recommended on hot day. A swimming costume should be included for those wishing to take a swim after the trail.  No valuables are to be brought along on trips.

Other Disclosures

Participants in this Swazi adventure activity are warned that this is an active and participative pursuit and that considerable effort and physical activity is to be expected. Any self-propelled vehicle brings with it certain inherent risks of driver error.  Like all high-risk sports these risks can be minimized, through listening carefully to the pre-departure briefing and to all the guide's instructions.  There is little chance of injury for those that ride conservatively and within their skill range.

The Devil's Cauldron Quad Trail includes tight corners, unprotected drop-off's into donga's, overhead tree trunks, steep inclines and descent and numerous trees and stumps alongside the track.  These are easily negotiated if maintaining an appropriate speed.

In order to control reckless riding and quad abuse participants are requested to indicate whether they are beginners or experienced riders on arrival. Beginners will be very carefully led for the first hour, with speed strictly controlled and route choice limited to relatively flat areas. During this time the guide is responsible for supervision and any damage to the quad bike is covered by Swazi Trails. Beginners who rapidly gain confidence and ability have the option of upgrading to a more advanced level of trail after the first hour is complete.

Experienced riders, or graduated beginners are expected to ride responsibly and to exercise care in not damaging the quad bikes.  Any damage caused by poor quad handling or reckless riding will be charged for in full.    

All Swazi Trails quad guides are handpicked and competent in safety measures and first aid.  A private hospital is found within 10 minutes drive of the track and paramedic evacuation is available within 30 minutes with either Traumalink 911 or EMS.

Please note that trips are subject to cancellation at short notice during periods of heavy rain.  Full refund or optional alternative activities offered in this event.

This area in Swaziland falls well outside of malarial zones and precautions are not necessary.