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This small community-run lodge, situated high up on the Lubombo Mountain range in Swaziland, is experiential tourism at its best. Shewula Mountain Camp is not just a place to stay, but a place to really absorb and understand Swazi culture and its predominantly rural lifestyle.

Shewula Mountain Camp offers both family and private rooms, all locally built using the skills of local builders, and materials such as stone and thatch from surrounding areas. This is a truly home-grown and authentic establishment that will appeal to travellers interested in responsible and sustainable travel. The lodge provides three healthy meals a day, featuring mostly locally grown and produced food.

Scenic, cultural and nature-based walking trails are a feature, with more than 10 years of visitor-traveller interaction ensuring a warm and friendly welcome throughout the community.

Shewula continues to develop and take advantage of its successful reputation and now also includes a small meeting and conference room which is suitable for workshops and corporate team getaways.

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Private Rooms


Group/Family Hut

Group/family Room (DBB)

Private rooms (DBB)