The Inyatsi Swazi Frontier Mountain Bike Race

Place: North West Corner of Swaziland  (10 Oct 2019 - 12 Oct 2019 )


The route follows a logical progression from one overnight venue to the next and covers a total of 180kms. Make no Mistake! Swaziland is not flat.

Route consists of three stages. 

Stage 1 : 60km, 1750 ascent

Remote, rural and rugged mountainous Highveld with steep rocky climbs and fast, technical downhill runs. A notoriously tough day with the climb up TOO BRUTAL presenting a sting in the tail. Since only the very fit mountain goats will be able to ride up TOO BRUTAL, be prepared for a portage. This is the only portage on the route so take the time to enjoy the spectacular view. From the top, it is a gentle roll into the finish.

Stage 2, 1250 ascent

Forest jeep track climbing is rewarded with 25km of endless downhill single-track and river crossings. Be prepared for the juicy 5km climb up through the THE PHOPPA towards the end. Then it is just a gentle cool down to a well-earned lunch at the poolside.

Stage 3, 61km 1550 ascent

The technically gifted will have an opportunity to relive their childhoods and let the rest of the pack eat some dust as they descend through a private game farm. Some forest jeep track is followed by rocky downhills and plenty of single-track with the descent into the valleys of the warmer lowveld.

TOTAL: 180 KM, 4550 ASCENT.

Race entry and Registration

Entries are now open. Team Categories : Men's, mixed or women's pair ( with sub-categories for Mkhulus (average team age 45+) and Buffaloes (total team weight 180kg+). The field is limited to 90 teams.   

Entry Fee: Standard team entry fee is ZAR14,900 ( include vat) - ZAR7,450 per rider. ( if you would like to stay in chalet on Wednesday night - team entry fee  is ZAR15,700 .Includes vat. ZAR7,850 per rider)

Race Dates & registration: 10th - 12 of October 2019. Registration will be on the 09th of October with racing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

Prize Giving and After Party: Saturday the 12 of October 2019.

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