Shopping in Swaziland

Shopping in Swaziland is a cultural journey in itself. Get some amazing local artefacts, pick up a souvenir to treasure or relax in one of the Swaziland Restaurants for a bite to eat during your day out. Our Swaziland Destination Guide will offer a number of suggestions.

Swaziland Ethnic Handcrafts can be found at the Mantenga Craft Centre, which was established in 1975 to promote the development of rural handicrafts in Swaziland.

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Swaziland Shopping Guide

For a true Swailand shopping experience, visit one of the many traditional markets. The most vibrant ones are in Manzini and Mbabane, with smaller versions in Lavumisa, Matata and Siteki. These markets sell a variety of foodstuffs, clothing and traditional medicines commonly purchased by local people. The Mahlanya Fruit Market on the MR 103 has a great selection of fruit and vegetables. Hot tip from your local connection...ask for "Mabel" at Mahlanya - this grandmother is our favourite vendor.

There are modern mall-type shopping centres in the capital of Mbabane, Manzini and the Ezulwini valley. Many international and South African chain stores can be found here, as well as banks. 

The Ezulwini Valley, close to the Royal Swazi Sun, has the largest craft market with almost 500m of roadside stalls all side-by-side. This is a safe venue for spending time browsing and haggling for good value.

The most famous Swaziland crafts include Ngwenya Glass (near Oshoek Border), Swazi Candles in Malkerns, woven sisal baskets and jewelry from Tintsaba Craft in Piggs Peak, lutinzi grassware from Gone Rural and colourful cloth from Baobab Batik both in Malkerns, whilst Mantenga Craft Centre (est. in 1975) has great selection of unique outlets for locally produced craft.

If you are wishing to shop in Swaziland from a distance, Swaziland's top art and craft producers have joined forces under the banner of Pure - visit this site to buy online.

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Malandela's Farmhouse Complex Malkerns Valley
Tel: (+268) 25504936
Fax: (+268) 2550 4932/2528 3078
Manzini central town
112 Dzeliwe Street Mbabane PO Box 326, Mbabane, Swaziland
Tel: +268 2404 6213
Fax: +268 2404 6213
On the road to Mantenga Lodge, Ezulwini Valley
Tel: +268 24161136
Fax: +268 24161040
P.O.Box 45, Motshane, H104 Swaziland
Tel: +268 2442 4053
Fax: +268 2442 4588
Private bag, Pigg’s Peak, Swaziland Boshimela Farm Pigg’s Peak Swaziland
Tel: +268 24371140
Fax: +268 24373458
The Gables Ezulwini
Tel: +268 2404 0205 / 24161244
Fax: 24161244
Lugogo Sun Hotel Ezulwini Valley Swaziland
Tel: +268 24164570
Royal Swazi Sun Hotel Ezulwini Valley Swaziland
Tel: +268 24161726
MR 103 road Ezulwini Valley Swaziland
Tel: +268 24161189
P.O.Box 172, Malkerns, Swaziland
Tel: +268 25283219
Fax: +268 25283135
Ngwenya Glass Swaziland
Tel: +268 24424047
Mpaka MR 3 Road Swaziland
Tel: (+268) 23333281
Fax: (+268) 23333283
P.O.Box 340, Piggs Peak, Swaziland
Tel: +268 24371260
Gwamile Street Mbabane Swaziland
Tel: (+268) 24043281
Fax: (+268) 24046715
Mantenga Falls Road Ezulwini Valley Swaziland
Tel: +268 24161343
Under African Skies 10 Ngongoni Road, Malkerns (turn-off at Vickery Seedlings) Baobab Batik Near Nyanza Stables Malkerns Baobab Too Malandelas Homestead Centre Malkerns Valley
Tel: +268 25283242 / 25283982 / 25283177