Transportation in Swaziland

Getting to and from Swaziland, as well as getting around the country is fairly easy, a feature helped considerably by its proximity to neighbouring major centres such as Johannesburg in South Africa and Maputo in Mozambique. Within the country, its compact size also makes travel easy, with a number of flexible transport options at your disposal.

Here's a thought to baffle your understanding of Southern African geography: did you know that it is shorter by road between Cape Town and Mbabane, than it is between Cape Town and Durban?

This Swaziland Transport page will tell you all you need to know about travelling in and around Swaziland, including Swaziland Airlines, Swaziland Tour Operators, Swaziland Car Rental and Swaziland Bus Services. Use our Swaziland Destination Guide or click on our Swaziland Country Guide if you want to know more about travelling to Swaziland.

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Flights to Swaziland

Air Top

P.O.Box 2042 Matsapha M202 Swaziland
Tel: 00-268-25186155
Fax: 00-268-25186148

Road Top

Mantenga Craft Centre Ezulwini Valley Swaziland P.O.Box 2197 Mbabane H100 Swaziland
Tel: (00-268) 24162180
Fax: (00-268) 24161040
SiyeSwatini TransMagnific, Gcwalisa Engen garage, Mbabane
Tel: +268 24049977
Fax: +268 24049977